Katsu Wada
和田かつ, Wada Katsu
Nickname(s) Kat-chan
Date of Birth March 3, 2000
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Anthropomorphic Taiko Drum
First Appearance Taiko no Tatsujin
Japanese VA Fushigi Yamada (Taiko no Tatsujin to Taiko no Tatsujin 6)
Miki Narahashi (From Atsumare! Matsuri da! Yondaime onward)
Yōko Teppōzuka (Clay Anime)

Katsu Wada (Japanese: 和田かつ, Wada Katsu), usually refer to as Kat-chan (Japanese: かっちゃん, Katchan), is one of the main characters of this series. His older twin brother and best friend is Don.



He has the similar appearance as his older twin but with blue face and red body.


He apparently is every bit as rambunctious as his brother. Like his twin, he has a big appetite but unlike Don, he has the tendency of holding back.

In recent installments, he is awares the fact that he isn't the protagonist at all. Some installments in the series doesn't have the same twin-relationship setting with Don, while some have him as one of the bosses.[1]

His specialty is drawing artworks.

Just like his twin, he usually ends his sentences with "ta-don".


  • "Rocking roll da-don!!" - Said Katsu as he arrived just in time to save Don and Ralco from being binded, right before he knock off the orbs from Maoh's hands.[1]
  • "I'll remember this, Don!" - Said the angry Katsu after he was being pranked by Don.[2]
  • " guys didn't notice my presences at all?" - Said the heartbreaking Katsu after the Wada family members (who just came back from Hawaii) said that they didn't notice that Katsu isn't with them.[3]


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