"Kimi to Hibiku Harmony"
Kimi to Hibiku Hāmonī
First included in Taiko no Tatsujin: Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orbs
Notechart by Unknown
Song data
Released July 12, 2012 (Game)
March 7, 2013 (OST)
Genre(s) J-pop
Performed by Nao Touyama
Lyrics by Takafumi Satoh
Composed by Takafumi Satoh
Label NBGI label
In fictional works
Featured in Taiko no Tatsujin: Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orbs
Type Main theme song

"Kimi to Hibiku Harmony" (Japanese: キミと響くハーモニー, Kimi to Hibiku Hāmonī) is a song debut in 2012's Taiko no Tatsujin: Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orbs and is the ending theme song of the same game.

The song is performed by Nao Touyama (who voiced Ralco, Princess Soprano and Leva in the game) and lyrics and composed by Takafumi Satoh.

List of game





Difficulty Rating Combo
Easy ★ x 3 156
Normal ★ x 4 239
Hard ★ x 5 364
Oni ★ x 6 466


Difficulty Rating Combo
Easy ★ x 4 172
Normal ★ x 4 263
Hard ★ x 5 496
Oni ★ x 8 681


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
風が吹く 歌が響く
手をつなぎ歩く キミと二人
ドア開ければ 広がる世界
何がまっているか 胸が躍るような
Kaze ga fuku uta ga hibiku
Te o tsunagi aruku kimi to futari
Doko e yukou ka
Door akereba hirogaru sekai
Naniga matteiru ka mune ga odoru youna
Tabi ga ima hajimaru
The wind blows, a song echoes
You and me together, hand in hand, walk forward
Where do we go next
The door opens to a wide open world
What are you waiting for, with a dancing heart
Let the adventure begin
さんぽ進んで おなかがすいた しばし休憩
道に迷った? かまわず進め ここは振り出し
Sanpo susunde onaka ga suita shibashi kyoukei
Michi ni mayotta? ka mawazu susume koko wa furidashi
While walking, we get hungry and stop for a rest
Are we lost? Moving in circles and get out of here
寂しくて泣いたときも ほら 心すませば
響くよ キミにも
太鼓の音色聞こえて くるでしょう
Samishikute naita toki mo hora kokoro sumaseba
Hibiku yo kimi ni mo
Taiko no neiro kikoete kurudeshou
Even when you're lonely and crying, hey, listen carefully
The echoes from me and you too
The sound of the Taiko can be heard
ほら風が吹く 歌が響く
笑いあって 手と手つないで 走って
高い壁も 上れば良い景色
辛いことも みんな チャンス
Hora kaze ga fuku uta ga hibiku

Warai atte te to te tsunaite hashitte
Ima mukau yo
Takai kabe mo nobore ii keshiki
Tsurai koto mo minna chance
Sou donna yume mo
Kitto kanau

Look, the wind blows, a song echoes
Laughing and holding hands, walking
Now we head forth
Even a high wall has great scenery when you climb on top
Difficult things give everyone a chance
Whatever dreams they may have
Will come true
(ね?) (Ne?) Right?
風が吹く 歌が響く
離した手 強く握り 何度も
広い空に 未来が昇る
心はずむ キミと私
ほら次の旅が また始まる
Kaze ga fuku uta ga hibiku
Hanashita te tsuyoki nigiri nanto mo
Tachi agaru yo
Hiroi sora ni mirai ga noboru
Kokoro hazumu kimi to watashi
Hora tsugi no tabi ga mata hajimaru
The wind blows, a song echoes,
Many times we separate hands, but we hold them strongly again
Rise up again
Ascend towards the future, to the wide open sky
You and me, our hearts skip
And again we start the next adventure


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